First Scrub Jay at the bird feeder

By Edie Carhart (3.24.11)


Swans on pond east of Ronan

By Bruce Simpson (3.22.11)

Pileated Woodpecker

By Mike Wheeler (3.22.11)

Sign that Spring is finally on it’s way, Evening and Pine Grosbeaks

By Ann Mondul, Seeley Lake MT (3.22.11)

By Ann Mondul, Seeley Lake MT (3.22.11)

Trumpeter Swans along along Highway 35

By Barbara Crawford, Columbia Falls MT (3.19.11)

Mallards in the Missions south of Ronan

By Devvi Morgan (3.13.11)

Great Horned Owl in Osprey nest

By Richard Greenshields, Woods Bay MT (3.13.11)